New approach to interior design

Are your sofas and armchairs very different from pictures in catalogs? Sizes and colors are not the ones you imagined?

Roomsee VR app helps you forget about such problems!

Check furniture in VR before purchasing. You will enjoy this cutting-edge technology. It is practical and convenient.

Which shopping do you prefer?
Why is a 3D-Virtual catalog
better than any other?
Save your time
No need to go shopping searching for a necessary item
Take it easy!
No fuss with measurements and adjustment for your furniture. Just put on your VR helmet and see it with your own eyes.
Match the expectations with the reality
See the items in 3D from all dimensions. Forget about the items not matching your expectations.
VR for everyone
For customer
  • Turn and move virtual objects. Thanks to our cutting-age technology you will see all the items in real proportions and sizes.
  • Сhoose furniture considering colores, covers and materials with no need to go to a physical store.
For designers
  • Choose items in real 1:1 scale
  • Use this technology to simplify shopping for your clients and grow your sales
For manufactures
  • Use high-quality 3D models of the items to work with our app. This technology allows you to attract new clients and grow sales
What do you need to do?
To try Roomsee VR app you need a PC/Laptop and a VR helmet (Oculus Rift, HTC and others)
Download and start installer by this link
Choose the pass for installer. An icon will automatically appear on your desktop
Step 3
Sign in an app
Step 4
Put on VR helmet. It will take you to a digital room.
Step 5
Choose furniture and add the selected items you liked using controlles in your hands
Step 6
Take off VR helmet after virtual shopping and all the selected furniture will remain in your account
Step 7
Check out and continue searching for the perfect furniture
Virtual shopping is no longer a fantasy
Roomsee app gives you chances to try VR right now. In several years such experience will become very common and virtual shopping will replace regular internet shopping
Download app